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One-Pan Meals You Can Prepare in a Skillet
With a great skillet, your easy dinner options are endless.
Ashley Delma, Cook's Country

No one loves waiting long hours to eat or looks forward to cleaning up after dinner. To solve for these "setbacks" our team has produced a collection of one-pan recipes in our highly recommended skillet, the OXO Good Grips Non-Stick 12-inch Open Frypan, to make easy cleanup and cooking possible. 

That's right, we've reduced the number of vessels to cook in and the amount of time it takes to get dinner on the table but you'll be happy to know that we haven't reduced the amount of flavor you'll find in each dish. Not fully convinced yet? Try one of our recipes below and check out our collection of One-Pan Meals You Can Prepare in a Skillet for more options.

What are some of your favorite dishes to make that don't require heavy clean up? Let us know in the comments!

1. Skillet Lasagna

Lasagna on the stove, how could that work? Oh, it works. We know that most home cooks don’t enjoy clean up time or turning on the oven in the summertime. To solve this, we developed a skillet version that only requires one pan—you heard correctly, one pan—and never uses the oven. And yes, it bears all of the flavors of the classic lasagna you’re familiar with. [GET THE RECIPE]

2. One-Pan Chicken with Couscous and Carrots

We like summertime meals on the lighter side, but too often "lighter" means no starch. This sounds fine in theory—a piece of chicken served alongside a bunch of vegetables can be gorgeous—but without a starchy component to round out the meal, you'll be left wanting more. That's why we created this simple skillet chicken supper. It gives home cooks a satisfying, superflavorful one-pan meal that will easily fill them up. [GET THE RECIPE]

3. Whole-Wheat Penne with Baby Spinach

With this recipe, you're not only saving time but also dishes. Once you've gathered all of your ingredients, you can whip this meal up during the week in 30-minutes or less; and because we cook the pasta and the sauce in the same pan, it only requires one dish. [GET THE RECIPE]

4. One-Pan Lemon-Braised Chicken Thighs with Chickpeas and Fennel

Braising normally involves two things: a large—and often tough—cut of meat and a dutch oven or slow cooker. We know that home cooks don't always have the time to dedicate an entire Sunday afternoon to cooking, so we found an easier route to braised chicken thighs by using a skillet. With our method, you get impressively crispy and tender chicken with plenty of flavor. [GET THE RECIPE]

5. Skillet Tortellini with Sausage and Cherry Tomatoes

This weeknight meal has been a crowd-pleaser with our members. It's tasty, it's quick, and it makes enough to feed a family of four (or one . . . with a large appetite like myself). With just three steps and pantry ingredients you likely already have on hand, dinner will be ready in no time. And whoever has dish duty tonight isn't just going to be grateful for such a fullfilling meal but also for the fact that they only have one pan to clean. [GET THE RECIPE]


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What's your favorite dish to make that doesn't require heavy clean up? Let us know in the comments! And if you're looking for more one-pan meals take a look at our collection of One-Pan Meals You Can Prepare in a Skillet