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Reheating Rice
We tried reviving home-cooked and take-out batches of white rice to find the secret to light, fluffy leftovers.
Dairy & Eggs
Can You Freeze Ricotta?
Ricotta spoils quickly. We froze leftovers two different ways to see which one was most effective.
Dairy & Eggs
Whipping Light Cream vs. Heavy Cream
Can you make whipped cream using light instead of heavy cream?
Curly-Leaf vs. Flat-Leaf Parsley
Are curly- and flat-leaf parsleys interchangeable? We ran a series of blind taste tests to answer this question.
Cooking in an Oven Bag: What You Need to Know
Cooking turkey in an oven bag can result in moist meat and perfectly browned skin. Here's what you need to know to use one successfully.
Cooking Basics
Braising is the best way to turn a tough cut of meat tender. So how do you do it?
The Best Ways to Use Asian Pears
How do Asian pears compare to other common pear varieties?
Cooking Basics
Why It's Important to Salt Pasta Water
We cooked pasta in salted and unsalted water to determine if it matters when you add the seasoning.
Cooking Basics
Using Chile Powders Interchangeably
Can ancho chile powder, chipotle chile powder, and regular chili powder be substituted for each other in recipes?
Dairy & Eggs
How to Substitute for Buttermilk
Is there a non-dairy alternative that will lend the same buttermilk tang to baked and savory applications?
Cooking Basics
Whether you crave the spicy burn of hot chile peppers or want to avoid it, it pays to know the ins and outs of chiles’ incendiary qualities.
Baking & Desserts
From Cobblers to Sonkers: A Guide to Rustic Fruit Desserts
Is it a slump? A grunt? A buckle? Depends who you ask.
How To Brine Chicken in Advance
Can you brine boneless chicken breasts, take them out of the brine, and refrigerate them the day before cooking them?
Baking & Desserts
Can You Bake Cupcakes and Muffins Without a Muffin Tin?
Some packages of aluminum baking cups claim that they’re sturdy enough to fill and use directly on a baking sheet—no muffin tin required. Is this true?
Fish & Shellfish
Can You Substitute Imitation Crab for Fresh Crabmeat?
Imitation crab is much cheaper than lump crabmeat. Is it worth buying?
Cooking Basics
How to Use a Water Pan When Grilling
Our grill-roasting recipes often call for a disposable pan filled with a specific amount of water to be placed inside the grill. Does it really matter how much …
Easy Vegetable Prep
These quick tips will make prepping your summer vegetable dishes a breeze.
Supermarket Tomato Shopping Guide
The best-tasting tomatoes always come from your own garden. But if the supermarket’s your source, here’s a guide to the most commonly available options.
Cooking Basics
Primary Burners
How do you know which burner is the primary burner on your grill?
Cooking Basics
Chill Your Chips
Does storing opened bags of potato chips in the refrigerator keep them fresher, longer?
Freezing Corn
Is there a good way to freeze sweet summertime corn?
Getting To Know
Foraged Greens
Edible abundance is all around us, but you have to know what to look for and when and where to look. Here are some of our favorite foods that grow wild in urba…
Dairy & Eggs
What to Do with Hard Parmesan Cheese (and How to Prevent It From Drying Out in the First Place)
Is there a good way to revive Parmesan cheese that has dried out in the fridge?
Baking & Desserts
Can You Reuse a Disposable Baking Pan?
Can disposable baking pans be reused?
The Best Popcorn for Caramel Corn
The kernels in commercial caramel popcorn are often much rounder and prettier than what you can make at home. Are there tricks to getting them to pop so nicely?
Cooking Basics
Can You Cook Acidic Ingredients in Cast Iron?
Is it safe to cook acidic ingredients like as tomato sauce in a cast-iron pan?
What is Kosher Salt?
What exactly is kosher salt, and why is it called for in some of your recipes?
Cooking Basics
What’s the Best Way to Keep Your Dip Warm?
Warm dips are party favorites, but most cool down and congeal after just 15 minutes on the table. Could we find a hands-off method for keeping a dip warm?
Ground Turkey vs. Ground Turkey Breast
Can “ground turkey breast” be used in recipes that call for “ground turkey”?
Can you Freeze Whole Lemons?
Can you freeze whole lemons?
Milky Matter
How does ultrafiltered milk compare with the regular stuff?
Cooking Basics
Malleable Measuring
Measuring semisoft ingredients such as mayonnaise and peanut butter can be a challenge. Should you use a dry measuring cup or a liquid measure?
Heating Things Up
Does hot salsa lose some of its spiciness when refrigerated?
Boiling with Curiosity
Why do recipes call for water to be at a rolling boil before dropping in the pasta? Can you just start it in cold water?
Louisiana Flavors
The roots of Louisiana cuisine reach deep into the soil of a dazzling array of cultures. There’s Cajun cooking, a rustic, hearty, game-heavy cuisine that has …
Sizing up Carrots
What is the weight or volume equivalency of a single carrot in recipes?