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December/January 2006

Frozen Waffles

One brand beat out seven other contestants.

How We Tested

Although we typically make our waffles from scratch, the idea of store-bought waffles had us wondering which brand was best.

We corralled several brands of frozen waffles ranging from ordinary, to organic and tasted them topped with our winning maple syrup. We found an undisputed winner that our tasters praised for its buttery, eggy flavor and crisp exterior.

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The Results

Note: Cook's Country continuously updates our equipment reviews and taste tests. The written content below is the most up-to-date information available and may not match what appears in the video segment.

Highly Recommended

Eggo Homestyle Frozen Waffles

$3.99 for 16 waffles

Eggo Homestyle Frozen Waffles

These waffles were praised for their buttery, eggy flavor and crisp exterior.

$3.99 for 16 waffles