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31 Helpful Cooking Tips

Published: August 2017
How To Brine Chicken in Advance
Can you brine boneless chicken breasts, take them out of the brine, and refrigerate them the day before cooking them?
Published: February 2017
Ground Turkey vs. Ground Turkey Breast
Can “ground turkey breast” be used in recipes that call for “ground turkey”?
Published: February 2016
Natural vs. Organic Chicken
What does chicken labeled “natural,” mean? Is it the same as “organic”?
Published: December 2013
Can You Freeze Marinated, Uncooked, Boneless Chicken Breasts?
When freezing boneless chicken breasts, can a marinade be added so the meat is ready to cook when it thaws?
Published: October 2013
Selecting a Beer for Beer Can Chicken
When making beer can chicken, does it matter what kind of beer you use?
Published: August 2013
Making Stock from a Grilled or Smoked Whole Chicken
If you find yourself with a leftover grilled chicken carcass, can it be put to use by making stock?
Published: April 2013
Brine to Chicken Ratios
When brining chicken breasts, should you change the brine recipe if you add extra chicken to the brine bucket?
Published: August 2012
How to Butterfly a Chicken
With a few scissor snips and a little leveling from a meat pounder, whole chickens can be quickly flattened to promote even cooking on the grill.
Published: April 2012
Dark Meat Chicken Broth
Since dark chicken meat is more flavorful than white meat, should I make broth from only dark meat?
Published: February 2011
Eating Rare Meat
Why do we eat rare beef but not rare chicken?
Published: December 2010
Sugar in Brines
What does sugar do in a brine?
Published: June 2010
Quartering a Chicken
A chef’s knife and a good pair of kitchen shears can easily handle this technique.
Published: April 2010
Adding Flavor to Roast Chicken
For the most flavorful meat, try rubbing these herb pastes under and over the skin before roasting.
Published: February 2010
Three Common Fried Chicken Pitfalls
Don’t let these common pitfalls stand between you and a batch of perfectly fried chicken.
Published: December 2009
Cutting Up a Whole Chicken
With the right tools and technique, this seemingly difficult kitchen task is actually pretty easy.
Published: October 2009
Turkey Pepperoni
Finally, a turkey-based product we can get behind. And it’s a smart—and flavorful—choice for the calorie conscious.
Published: October 2009
Carve Turkey Like a Pro
Follow these simple steps for easy turkey carving. And remember—carve in the kitchen, not at the dinner table.
Published: October 2009
Turning the Turkey
This unusual technique adds an extra step, but the payoff is worth the effort.
Published: October 2009
Turkey 101
Although you might think a frozen bird is easier (no need to put in an order for a fresh bird from the butcher), a frozen turkey requires some planning, unless …
Published: October 2009
Freezing Brined Chicken Breasts
Can you brine boneless chicken breasts, then freeze them for later?
Published: April 2007
Making a Quick Chicken Stock
By saving and freezing leftover chicken parts, you’ll have the foundation of a fast and flavorful chicken stock.
Published: February 2007
Rib Removal
What’s the best way to remove that bit of rib bone still attached to bone-in chicken breasts?
Published: October 2006
Stuffing the Bird
Here are the two quick steps to stuffing your bird.
Published: October 2006
How to Take the Temperature of Turkey
To determine your turkey’s doneness, you’ll have to take its temperature in more than one spot.
Published: August 2006
Amounts of Cooked Meat From a Roasted Chicken
How much picked meat can you expect to get from a whole chicken?
Published: June 2006
Splitting a Whole Chicken
You'll need kitchen shears as well as a chef's knife to complete this simple 2-step operation.
Published: December 2005
Easier Chicken Cutlets
No need for pounding—here’s our quick method for producing thin chicken cutlets.
Published: October 2005
Turkey Cooking Times
For perfectly done turkey, follow these guidelines—and always temp the turkey with an instant-read thermometer.
Published: June 2005
Rinsing Chicken
Should you rinse chicken before cooking?
Published: October 2011
How to Prepare a Turkey for Roasting
A frozen 20-pound bird can take four days to thaw in the refrigerator. Plan on one day per five pounds of turkey, and always thaw in the refrigerator. 
Published: October 2011
How to Carve a Turkey
Use a large platter that can hold all of the meat and make sure the platter is warm. If you like, you can line the platter with kale or another sturdy green. It…