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Kitchen Equipment

24 Helpful Cooking Tips

Published: February 2019
What Angle to Get Your Knives Sharpened To
Knives can be sharpened at different angles, but which is the correct angle for your knife?
Published: October 2018
How to Check Thermometer Accuracy
How can you be certain your digital thermometer reading is accurate?
Published: June 2015
Knife Disposal
What's the best way to safely dispose of a spent kitchen knife?
Published: February 2013
Preventing Wooden Cutting Boards from Cracking
Over time, wooden cutting boards may start to look dull and dry. How can they be kept lustrous and free of cracks?
Published: October 2012
Do You Need a Chinois?
Chinois strainers are commonplace in restaurant kitchens. Do they have a place in the home kitchen as well?
Published: October 2012
Alternative to a Pizza Peel
Don't have the space for a pizza peel? Try this technique for transferring pizzas to hot baking stones.
Published: August 2012
Our Favorite Kitchen Thermometers
Shopping for a kitchen thermometer can be an overwhelming experience given the many different types on the market. What do we recommend?
Explaining "Clad" Pans
Published: June 2012
Explaining "Clad" Pans
What are "clad" pans, and do you recommend them?
Published: October 2010
How to Clean a Stoneware Pizza Stone
What's the best way to clean a stoneware pizza stone?
Published: August 2010
Cleaning Wooden Pizza Peels
If your wooden pizza peel gets a lot of use, here’s how to remove flour, cornmeal, and dough residue.
Published: December 2009
Seasoning Cast Iron
Cast iron cookware is much beloved by many cooks, and will last nearly forever with the right routine maintenance.
Published: December 2009
Making Pan Sauces in a Nonstick Pan
Can you make a proper pan sauce in a nonstick skillet?
Published: December 2008
Silicone Rolling Pin
They say that dough doesn’t stick to silicone rolling pins like it does to wooden ones. We headed into the kitchen to test this claim.
Published: October 2008
Cake Pan Exchange
We wondered if we could use tube pans and Bundt pans interchangeably. Here’s what we discovered.
Published: August 2008
Meat Tenderizing
Hand-held meat tenderizers are used to physically break down tough protein strands in the meat, presumably resulting in more tender cutlets. But do they work?
Published: April 2008
Keys to the Perfect Panini (Without the Press)
Here are the three keys to a perfect homemade panini.
Published: February 2008
Choosing the Right Pan
If a recipe calls for a 13- by 9-inch baking pan, should you use Pyrex or a metal pan?
Published: December 2007
Nonreactive Cookware
What types of pans and bowls are nonreactive, and what does this mean?
Published: October 2006
Should You Own a Food Mill or Ricer?
Beyond mashing potatoes, there’s plenty of other uses for these kitchen tools.  
Published: August 2006
Whisks 101
The two types of whisks to keep in your equipment drawer.
Published: August 2006
Calibrating Instant-Read Thermometers
Even the best instant-read thermometers eventually need to be recalibrated. Here's how you can do it at home.
Published: April 2006
Silicone Bakeware
How does flexible silicon bakeware compare to standard metal pans?
Published: August 2005
Cutting Board Cleanup
Here’s the test kitchen’s method for cleaning and sanitizing your cutting board.
Published: August 2005
Measuring Cookware
What it means when a recipe calls for small, medium, and large cookware.