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Fish & Shellfish

12 Helpful Cooking Tips

Can You Substitute Imitation Crab for Fresh Crabmeat?
Imitation crab is much cheaper than lump crabmeat. Is it worth buying?
Salmon Origins
Some grocery stores sell frozen products marked “Atlantic salmon,” but the package reads “product of Chile.” What's the salmon's true origin?
Supermarket Fish
Supermarket Fish
More than 27,000 types of fish exist in the world, but these 12 routinely appear in your local grocery store.
Ten Steps to Perfectly Baked Whitefish Fillets
If cooking delicate whitefish fillets intimidates you, you’re in good company. But armed with our foolproof baking method and some basic facts, you can make mo…
How to Grill Shrimp
Protect the crustacean. Follow our easy techniques to ensure tender, plump, flavorful shrimp.
Despite its name, shellfish are not fish (and they don't all have shells, either).
Surprise Anchovy Substitute
One pantry staple is a perfect stand-in for anchovies.
Deveining Shell-On Shrimp
Is deveining shrimp really necessary? And how do you do it?
Salmon: Fresh versus Frozen
How do fresh and frozen salmon compare?
We found big differences in the quality of packed crabmeat available at the supermarket—and formed a few preferences.
Skinning Salmon
Use this technique to easily remove the skin from salmon. 
Knowing When Fish is Done
For perfectly cooked fish, you’ll need to use visual clues.