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Dairy & Eggs

51 Helpful Cooking Tips

Can You Freeze Ricotta?
Ricotta spoils quickly. We froze leftovers two different ways to see which one was most effective.
Whipping Light Cream vs. Heavy Cream
Can you make whipped cream using light instead of heavy cream?
How to Substitute for Buttermilk
Is there a non-dairy alternative that will lend the same buttermilk tang to baked and savory applications?
What to Do with Hard Parmesan Cheese (and How to Prevent It From Drying Out in the First Place)
Is there a good way to revive Parmesan cheese that has dried out in the fridge?
Preshredded Cheese
Why does preshredded store-bought Parmesan seem to work better for coating food for baking or frying than freshly grated?
What Causes Metallic-Tasting Cheese
Why does cheese begin tasting metallic if wrapped and stored in aluminum foil?
Substituting Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream in Recipes
Can Greek yogurt be substituted for sour cream in recipes?
Substituting Almond Milk for Dairy Milk in Recipes
I am lactose intolerant, and I’ve come to love almond milk in my coffee. Will it work as a milk replacement in desserts?
Does Pricking Eggs Before Cooking Make Them Easier to Peel?
Does pricking eggs before cooking result in hard-cooked eggs that are easier to peel?
Freezing Leftover Sour Cream
We were curious if frozen, then thawed, sour cream could work as well in recipes as never-frozen sour cream.
Does Hard-Cooking Eggs with Vinegar Make them Easier to Peel?
Some say that adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar per quart of water before hard-cooking eggs will make peeling easier. Is that true?
Cooking Cheeses
Whether crystalline or creamy, sharp or mild, blue or orange, cheese shows up in too many recipes to count here in the test kitchen. We’re profiling a dozen tha…
British vs. American Cheddar: It's a Tie
How do our favorite domestic cheddars stack up against the best of the old country?
Demystifying Egg Yolk Color
The eggs I buy from the farmers’ market have really bright orange yolks. Do brighter yolks mean fresher eggs?
How to Substitute Yogurt for Buttermilk
Is there any way to substitute yogurt for buttermilk in recipes for pancakes and biscuits?
Adding Liquid to Scrambled Eggs
Some recipes for scrambled eggs call for water or milk. Does this do anything for the eggs?
Sour Milk
Although some old cake recipes call for “sour milk, ” this doesn’t mean that you can use milk that has gone bad.
Substituting Evaporated Milk for Half-and-Half
When a recipe calls for half-and-half, can you use evaporated milk as a substitute?
Stabilizing Whipped Cream
What’s the best way to stabilize whipped cream?
All About Cultured Dairy
Cultured dairy is cream or milk with friendly live bacteria (cultures) added. The bacteria convert lactose, or milk sugar, into lactic acid, making these produc…
Preventing Sour Cream from Curdling
What’s the best way to reheat sour cream-heavy recipes while preventing curdling?
Interchanging "Sharp" and "Extra Sharp" Cheddar
In cooked recipes, can sharp and extra-sharp cheddar be substituted for each other?
Chill the Cheese, Then Grate
For easier grating, start by giving cheese the freeze.
Supermarket Italian Cheeses
Italy is second only to France in the variety of cheeses it produces, but many of the “Italian” cheeses sold in American supermarkets are produced here.
Evaporated Milk as Milk Substitution
Can I reconstitute evaporated milk and use it in place of ordinary milk in recipes?
Freezing Leftover Egg Whites
Can leftover egg whites be whipped after defrosting?
Easy Egg Separation
Follow these simple steps for separating whites and yolks.
Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt costs so much. Is it worth the extra money?
Weighing Cheese
How do cup measurements for cheese translate into weight measurements?
All Eggs Aren't Equal
Is there really a difference between the different grades of eggs?
Goat Cheese
What does one look for when choosing goat cheese at the supermarket?
Dairy-free Buttermilk
Is it possible to manipulate soy or rice milk to mimic buttermilk?
Whipping Cream
Is it necessary to refrigerate the bowl and beater before whipping cream? Does it really make a difference?
Egg Whites 101
What does a soft or a stiff peak look like? How will I know if I’ve over-whipped my egg whites?
Queso Fresco
What is queso fresco and how can I use it?
Pasteurized vs. Fresh Eggs
How are eggs pasteurized? Can they be substituted for normal unpasteurized eggs?