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15 Helpful Cooking Tips

Published: December 2015
It’s not just for guzzling. We use beer’s flavor and fizz in dozens of recipes.
Published: April 2015
Coconut Water vs. Coconut Milk
What is the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?
Published: February 2015
Why Ice Cream Might Make You Thirsty
Why does ice cream make some people thirsty?
Published: February 2015
Tannins in White Wine
Can white wines be tannic, like red wine?
Published: December 2014
Cooking Wines and Spirits
Wines and other spirits can add acidity, sweetness, or complex flavor to an array of dishes—both sweet and savory. Here are the ones that we like to keep handy.…
Published: August 2013
Canned Coconut Milk vs. Carton-Packed Coconut Milk Beverage
What's the difference between canned coconut milk, and the boxed stuff in the beverage aisle next to the soy milk?
Published: June 2013
Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee vs. Regular Coffee Poured Over Ice
Why is cold-brewed iced coffee so much better than regular coffee poured over ice?
Published: October 2009
Cider Substitute
Can’t find apple cider? Here’s an easy substitution that can be used in any cider-centric recipe.
Published: February 2009
Cooking with Wine
Which wines are the best for cooking—and which ones you should avoid.
Published: June 2008
Instant Coffee Versus Espresso
Can instant coffee and instant espresso be used interchangeably in recipes?
Published: December 2005
Straining Apple Cider
Why you should strain heated apple cider and the best way to do it.
Published: August 2005
Brain Freeze
What exactly is brain freeze?
Published: August 2005
Tips For Smoothies
Here are a few guidelines for making the perfect smoothie.
Published: June 2005
Storing Coffee Beans
What’s the best way to store whole coffee beans?
Published: June 2005
No More Bitter Tea
For the best brew, avoid these tea-making mistakes.