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Extra-Spicy, Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken


Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken

We wanted to create juicy, rich tasting fried chicken at home without the big mess, and with a crust as crunchy as KFC.

All-American Potato Salad


All-American Potato Salad

Most potato salads aren't what they could be-the potatoes are mushy or the vinaigrette is bland. Here's how to make perfect American-style potato salad every time.

Lay's Kettle Cooked Original

Taste Tests

Potato Chips

There are endless chip varieties and flavors, but which bag of plain chips should the purist reach for?

Deviled Eggs DUPLICATE


Hard-Cooked Eggs

Hard-cooked eggs are prone to greenish-colored yolks and sulfurous odors. Our tests uncovered what causes the problem and how you can make perfect hard-cooked eggs every time.

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