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  • Holiday Cookies 2014

    What makes a winning cookie? Ask a dozen judges and you’ll get a dozen answers. Our annual holiday contest stirred passions and inspired feverish debate. In the end, we put it to a vote. Who knew the democratic process could be so . . . sweet?

  • Holiday Cookies 2013

    We’ve had many years of practice, but this job never gets any easier: picking just a single grand-prize winner and six finalists from among the hundreds. We received submissions from 30 states and four countries, including India and Taiwan. The whole world loves cookies.

  • Date-Filled Roll-Ups

    Holiday Cookies 2012

    The United States is more than a melting pot; it’s a mixing bowl. Our winning cookies this year span the globe, from India and Italy to Hungary—with a few classic American favorites, too.

  • Cherry Tarts

    Holiday Cookies 2011

    We considered cookies flavored with Arizona honey, and we marveled at dough made with mayonnaise and at filling that combined chickpeas, chocolate, and rum. Here are this year’s seven winning recipes.

  • America's Best Lost Recipes 2011

    Responding to our call, 1,200 of you entered beloved family recipes in our third Lost Recipes Contest, part of our ongoing project to preserve America's culinary heritage. Here are our five favorites, adapted and updated where necessary to simplify shopping and cooking. Bring them into your own kitchens to start your own new traditions.

  • Holiday Cookies 2010

    Each year we look forward to receiving your holiday cookie recipe entries and each year we wonder how we can possibly choose one winner when faced with so many delicious options. This year we were so overwhelmed with the treasure trove of recipes that we chose seven winners, one of which is sure to become a classic in your kitchen this year.

  • Holiday Cookies 2009

    Lemon Crunch Cookies, Sunbeam Cookies, Anise Drops: We asked for your favorite holiday cookie recipes and you delivered! Narrowing down our selection was the toughest job, and the sweetest, we faced all year. Fortunately, our contestants helped us out; our winning cookie offers three in one—cherry, vanilla-walnut, and chocolate.

  • Grandma's Enchiladas

    Lost Suppers

    We asked home cooks across America to submit their favorite old-fashioned recipes and the memories they evoke, and received more than 1000 entries. The theme that emerged from these entries was that of learning to cook alongside family. While we chose five recipes as prize-winners, we were so impressed with the recipes and stories that we published more than 100 of them in Cook's Country Best Lost Suppers, available in bookstores and our online bookstore at

  • Holiday Cookies 2008

    Our holiday cookie submissions this year were not only creative and delicious, but visually stunning as well. Our grand-prize winner's entry features a crisp cookie shell filled with a mixture of whipped cream, peanut butter, and cream cheese with chocolate both below and above.

  • Leftover Turkey

    Who says turkey leftovers have to be limited to tetrazzini or sandwiches? Our grand-prize winner gave us a creative Rustic Turkey Tart flavored with blue cheese and cranberries. Our runners-up were similarly inventive with south-of-the-border and African inspired recipes, as well as a re-imagining of the Monte Cristo sandwich.

  • Summer Salads

    Our grand-prize winning recipe shows that an unlikely combination of ingredients can sometimes create a memorable dish. Sweet cantaloupe, savory blue cheese, and crunchy pecans are dressed up with a lime-basil vinaigrette that packs some heat from black pepper in this Miami inspired summer salad.

  • Pasta Sauces

    The summer garden is the inspiration for our grand-prize winner, who lets vegetables take center stage in her delicious no-cook sauce. Our tasters loved the unusual additions of cucumber, scallions, and ground cumin in this fresh tomato and mozzarella sauce.

  • Appetizers

    No matter how good they are, even the best recipes need a little shaking up from time to time. The winners of this recipe contest put a premium on creativity by giving us inventive—but still crowd pleasing—updates on classic party foods: chips and salsa, chicken wings, spinach dip, cheese balls, and deviled eggs.

  • Muffins

    A muffin is a versatile thing. It can be an all-in-one breakfast (complete with sausage), a nutritious snack, or even a quick and elegant break from the day. Our winning recipe comes from an earlier era, when big department stores had restaurants where you could enjoy light fare while shopping.

  • Holiday Cookies 2007

    Is it a candy cane or is it a cookie? In a new twist on a favorite holiday candy, our prize-winning Christmas cookie recipe features a sugar cookie base enlivened by a swirl of crushed peppermint candies.

  • Winter Squash and Fennel Roast

    Holiday Side Dishes 2007

    We received hundreds of interesting recipes for our holiday side dish recipe contest. Our five favorite recipes have roots in classic holiday dishes, but each has a twist. Our grand prize-winning recipe is a fresh take on typical roasted vegetables with apples and cranberries added to make the dish taste as good as it looks.

  • Summer Crunch Salad

    Picnic Salads 2007

    The runners-up in our picnic salad contest are inspired by the cuisines of the Mediterranean, Asia, Jamaica, and France. Our grand-prize winner shows that you don't have to go so far afield to come up with a great salad: She got the idea for the toasted pecans that add crunch to her winning salad from the pecan tree that shaded the front yard of her childhood home.

  • Texas Pink Grapefruit Bars

    Bar Cookies

    Our winning bar cookies have a chewy crust, dense filling, and crunchy topping, which give them a nice contrast of textures. The secret ingredient though, is instant coffee, which deepens the chocolate flavor of these Oatmeal Fudge Bars without calling attention to itself.

  • Lost Recipes

    Thousands of home cooks helped our test kitchen recue "lost" recipes too good to forget. The winner took home $10,000 and was featured in our cookbook America's Best Lost Recipes.

  • Chicken Soup

    The runners-up in our chicken soup recipe contest reflect the influences of New Orleans, Italy, Mexico, and Thailand. Our grand-prize winner, however, used an unlikely ingredient to transform everyday chicken soup into a hearty chowder rich with sweet potatoes and corn.

  • Holiday Cookies 2006

    Our winning Christmas cookie recipe seems pretty unlikely. No butter, no eggs, and no flour? But this no-bake cookie will give you something to celebrate once you try its unique taste and texture and its grown-up rum punch.

  • Holiday Side Dishes 2006

    It's easy to get into a rut with holiday side dishes, which is why we asked for inspired recipes from our readers. What we discovered is that a great side dish can not only spice up something ho-hum, but can rejuvenate a vegetable so much that even the kids will be asking for seconds.

  • Salsa

    Great salsa has few rules. You can turn fruits and vegetables into summer salsa in almost infinite combinations. The trick is balancing the flavors. Our winner combines cool mango and cucumber with spicy habanero for a refreshing salsa that goes perfectly with grilled fish.

  • Creative Salads

    A great salad highlights fresh ingredients and at its best can bring a family together over a simple summer meal. While we had many creative recipes submitted for our contest, it was an elegant salad with roasted onions, fresh pears, and goat cheese that stole our hearts and the grand prize.

  • Sandwiches

    We weren't sure what to expect when we asked for creative sandwich recipes from our readers, but what we got was a collection of recipes that drew inspiration from across the globe. Our winner is a salad turned sandwich in which basil mayonnaise and fresh mozzarella give the classic BLT an Italian twist.

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