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What's the Best Way to Remove the Pit from an Avocado?
This light, super-easy meal comes together in minutes and is jam packed with fresh, savory flavors.
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Every year, I get an email from a local hospital reminding me to warn people about the perils of avocado pit removal. It seems that emergency rooms across the country have seen a dramatic increase in avocado-related injuries over the years due to people stabbing or cutting themselves while trying to remove the pit.
Don’t fall into this trap! Enjoying an avocado shouldn’t be fraught with danger.
The most important thing is to make sure your avocado is ripe: It should be just a bit soft when you give it a squeeze. This means that its grip on the pit will be slightly loose, which makes it easier to deal with. (Note: We’ve tried a thousand ways to hasten avocado ripening, but the fact is that the only surefire method is time. Even the hardest avocado should ripen on the counter in two to five days.)
If your avocado is going to be mashed into guacamole or, as in the recipe here, processed into a dip, the easiest thing to do is to slice it all the way around, pole to pole. Then, slice it again, all the way around the equator. You now have four pieces of avocado. The pit will fall away, or you can scoop it out with a spoon.

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