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Dinner Tonight: Lemon Chicken and Orzo Soup
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What’s the best way to remove meat from a rotisserie chicken?

We love rotisserie chickens, not necessarily to just eat straight but to use as an ingredient in a quick soup or pasta. You get deep roasty flavor without having to roast a bird yourself.
Granted, not every grocery store has a great product, but many do. If yours does not, shop around a little. As a shortcut to a satisfying supper, you can’t beat it.
Here’s how to get the most meat off that chicken with the least amount of mess.

1. Remove legs.
2. Separate thighs and drumsticks and remove skin.
3. Pull out tendons in drumsticks; peel off meat.

4.  Peel meat from thighs; discard gristle.
5. Remove skin from breasts.
6.Pull out wishbone. (Don’t skip this step.) It may come out in 2 pieces.
7. Remove both sides of breast meat (each side should come off in 1 piece).
8. Flip bird over and pick off back meat.

KITCHEN TIP: Shred or chop the meat to the size you’d like it. Then, wrap up the leftover bones and freeze them for the next time you make stock. (What about the wings, you say? Those are the cook’s treat. Nosh away while you make your soup.)

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Lemon Chicken and Orzo Soup

The juice of two lemons adds a lively note to this comforting bowl.

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