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Five Elegant Desserts to Add to Your Kentucky Derby Menu
It’s not about how you start the race but how you end it—and we’re finishing it off with dessert.
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WE MAY NOT HAVE front row seats, a horse we’re bidding on, or elegant hats to wear to the Kentucky Derby this year, but we do have the perfect dessert choices to accompany the most exciting two minutes in sports. At the end of the day, any event that can draw a crowd of 150,000 people deserves to be honored with something as exciting—so we’re going for something sweet. Here are our top dessert picks to serve at your Kentucky Derby party.

Kentucky Derby Desserts

Thoroughbred Pie

This winning pie recipe takes a giant leap towards the finish line with browned butter, a crunchy topping, and half of the usual amount of sugar. Deeply nutty and sweet—but not too sweet—your pie will be sure to take first place at your Derby party.

Lane Cake

There’s a reason why Southerners save this cake for celebrations—it’s a two-day affair. We found a way to shorten our recipe; each of the three components is far quicker to prepare and turns out the same elegant, impressive result.

Mint Julep Cake

The mint leaves do double duty for this cake by giving it flavor and serving as decoration. To make sugared mint leaves that will hold their shape, adhere to the cake, and add a sparkly finishing touch, follow step one in our recipe. This cake will surely turn some heads at your Derby party.

Cranberry-Apple Crisp

Churchill Downs is featuring a similar crisp on the official menu of this year’s Kentucky Derby, so you can feel like you’re at the big event. This crisp is best eaten the day it is cooked but the topping and filling can be made ahead.

Bourbon Balls

Any Kentucky Derby menu has to include something with bourbon. These boozy, bite-sized treats are no-bake and make-ahead.


The Perfect Cake

If you're baking a cake, you're trying to impress someone. Failure isn't an option—especially when it comes to holidays. The Perfect Cake, our first cake cookbook, shares 25 years of baking expertise with 240+ recipes to ensure that you have all the tips and tricks to execute perfect cakes, every time. 

What dessert is on your Kentucky Derby menu this year? Let us know in the comments! And if you're looking for even more sweet ideas, check out our hundreds of dessert recipes