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The Great American Sandwich Showdown of 2018

Which sandwich will be named the hero?

By Cook's Country | March 12, 2018

THERE'S NEVER A SHORTAGE of food debates: What's the best style of barbecue? Which city makes the best fried chicken? Is a calzone technically a pizza? This year, in the spirit of March Madness, we've decided to set our sights on one food category that inspires loyalty, controversy, and passion. That's right, we're talking about sandwiches.

We chose eight of our fans' most beloved sandwiches and randomly generated match-ups between them. Will voters favor the universally adored BLT? Will a regional specialty like Iowa Loose Meat Sandwich declare victory (despite its name)?

Which sandwich is your number one pick? Be sure to cast your vote—and may the best sandwich win!

How to Vote

You can vote on Instagram and Facebook, where we'll post polls for each matchup on the dates below. (You can also just leave some fighting words in the comment section at the bottom of this article.) We'll be updating this page with the winners after each match.

Round 1, Matchup 1 Winner: New Orleans Muffuletta

Boogaloo vs. Muffaletta

Detroit Boogaloo Wonderland Sandwiches

This Detroit original featuring ground beef, melted American cheese, and a sharp, spicy, tangy sauce packs is a three-napkin special packed with energetic flavor. A hometown winner.

New Orleans Muffuletta

It might be the most famous, and most often-misspelled, sandwich from the great food city of New Orleans. The soft rolls (made from pizza dough) are split and packed solid with deli meats, cheese, and a briny olive dressing for maximum personality and punch. ​​​​​​

Round 1, Matchup 2 Winner: Beef on Weck

Beef on Weck vs. Iowa Loose Meat

Beef on Weck

It's cold in Buffalo, but one way to stay warm is by sidling up to the bar for a beer and one (or more) of these local favorite sandwiches of thinly sliced roast beef tossed with savory jus and a sharp horseradish sauce, all piled onto a fresh kaiser roll.

Iowa Loose Meat Sandwich

Go ahead, giggle at the name. This sandwich doesn't care. Its simple ingredient list of ground beef, mustard, seasonings and just a touch of sugar create a burger-bun filling that's much more than simply a sum of its parts. A fan favorite.

Round 1, Matchup 3 Winner: Shrimp Po' Boy


South Carolina Smoked Fresh Ham Sandwich

Forget everything you knew about ham sandwiches. This puppy is takes all day to make, but the low-and-slow grill method is well worth it, producing soft, pulled meat that's absurdly velvety and flavorful. A sharp mustard sauce takes it over the top.

Shrimp Po’ Boy

On a recent trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, we fell in love with this sandwich of tender shrimp deep fried in a crunchy coating, tossed onto a soft sub roll with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and a savory remoulade sauce.

Round 1, Matchup 4 Winner: Ultimate BLT


Ultimate BLT

You've had a BLT before, but this version takes the whole concept of a BLT into crazy new territory, with a doctored-up mayonnaise packed with basil, lemon, and spicy cayenne pepper. Toasted bread, shatteringly-crisp bacon, fresh butter lettuce, and perfectly-dressed tomatoes round it out.

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

Juicy fried chicken under a spicy, crunchy coating, stacked onto a sandwich roll with spicy, jalapeño-studded cole slaw? How do YOU spell “Yes, please?” This sandwich sells itself.

Which sandwich do you want to see take the title? Let us know in the comments!